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Operational Breakout Sessions



presented by: Club Car

Our educational sessions will help you and your staff work smarter, make more money and save thousands of dollars. We source the experts in their field to ensure that you remain current and that your business remains sustainable. 

Check out our great line-up below and start planning your conference agenda!

November 29 | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Scott Kolb

How To Create Win-Win Relationships Between YOUR Facility & YOUR Pro Shop Team 

Learn to create maximum value in your golf department by developing a long-term plan of collaboration with your Pro Shop team to ensure your facility & the golf professionals are exceeding revenue targets…together!

During this session you will identify if you and your golf professional team are aligned in a collaborative goal of financially benefiting both the property and the golf pros.  We have heard the saying “work smarter, not harder” and with today’s labour market, you will want to ensure your professional team is performing at a top level as well as finding a work life balance. You will leave this session with measurable standards you can put in place to evaluate where your facility is performing well as well as where improvement is needed.

We will evaluate:

Lessons: How to measure if instructional programs are producing short and long-term revenue for the facility.

Playing: Are you using your Pros skill set to your advantage?  Do you have expectations of how and when they play with your customer base?

Retail: Every facility is unique so how do know if your team is putting the correct focus of energy in this area?

Green Fee/Membership Growth: What are the ways your Professional team to drive business to your 1st tee?

Community Involvement: How are you using your golf professional to best gain awareness in your community to then turn that into growth?

Founder, Fresh Golf 

Starting as a PGA of Canada member in 1992, Scott has been involved with all facets of the Canadian Golf Industry.  He has worked with the majority of the golf associations including a Board member of the CMAC, PGA of BC, NGCOA provincial advisory committee and is currently on the PGA of Canada National Board serving as its Vice President.  

He also has hands on leadership experience at Victoria Golf Club, Lora Bay and at GolfBC at Gallagher's Canyon & Arbutus Ridge.

Scott has been awarded provincially and nationally.  He has won the Merchandiser of the Year for Golf Shop of the Year from PGA of Canada, Club of the Year from the CMAC (then CSCM), inaugural winner of the Executive Professional of the year for PGA of BC and the Fore Seasons winner of the NGCOA Canada/PGA of BC award.

James Cronk 2022

Please Come Work For Me!

In this panel session you will hear some industry (and non-golf industry) best practices for attracting staff. Topics covered include what today’s generation wants in their job, how to write a great job posting, where to find staff, and how to make sure you conduct a great interview! Come listen to James Cronk and his panel of experts discuss how to find staff in this challenging market. 

Founder, the Cronk Group and Golf Industry Guru 

DOUG BREEN | Regional Vice President GolfNorth Properties & Chief Agronomist, County of Wellington Councillor, Golf North
BRIAN SCHAAL | President & GM, Copper Point Golf Club
ASHLI KOMARYK | MBA ACC, Komaryk Communications

James Cronk is a club industry leader with over 30 years experience in the golf and service industry. He has presented keynote sessions and workshop seminars at many major golf industry events around the world, including the CSCM National Conference (twice), the Asia Pacific Golf Summit (6 times including India in November 2019), the European Golf Business Conference (3 times including Portugal 2020), the CMAA World Conference (twice), and every NGCOA Canada national conference. 

James and his business partner Scott Masse launched Golf Industry Guru (GIG), an on-line training platform for the club industry. Golf Industry Guru (GIG) is an on-line manager training resource featuring tools, tips, templates, videos and blogs from many of the world’s leading golf and hospitality industry gurus. To learn more visit and 

Jay Ashton

Beyond The Box

Looking to add extra income to your golf course, particularly in the long off-season?  Let’s start to think outside the box and make your course real-estate work for you. From winter dinner domes on the course to transforming your kitchen into a Ghost kitchen. What does it take to make these activations work for you and create a marketing buzz that make you standout?

In the past 3 years, Jay has interviewed more foodservice industry individuals on Sysco’s Virtual Kitchen Media Network than anyone else on the globe and he is ready to share all these key insights with you to help you grow your F&B programs!

During this session Jay will also uncover some “musts” to make your social media channels work for you… what tools you can use to create simple effective content to drive sales and customer experiences. 

National Brand Activation Manager, Sysco Canada 

Jay Ashton is a veteran Brand Activation Manager with the experience and expertise to build and transform brands by engaging data and insights to analyze market trends and unravel customers’ needs, organizing and implementing upbeat marketing initiatives, tracking customers’ responses and using events to bring brands’ essence to life. Jay is also a food connoisseur, which justifies his choice of the industry – Foodservice. Jay is a force to reckon with in the Canadian foodservice landscape, with recognitions and awards to his name, including 50 Most Successful Personalities Globally, Canada's Top Foodservice Influencer, Top Restaurant Podcaster in North America + Foodie, professor at Centennial College and most recently, Canada's Restaurant Rockstar Podcaster.

As an innovative, customer-centric brand builder, Jay has spent over 10 years coordinating the Customer Business Resource department of Sysco Canada, developing and delivering multiple channels to improve customer experience. He drives and increases Sysco Canada’s brand awareness and visibility within the foodservice industry with cutting-edge and novel strategies to create unique content and formidable media marketing. These strategies include media programming, building close relationships with different associations around the country, and partnering with tons of incredible foodies like himself. Currently, Jay, through his expertise in content and digital marketing strategies, has introduced Sysco Canada to various online media platforms that showcase the company’s brand values and Rockstar activities, thereby enhancing Sysco Canada’s competitiveness and maintaining its position as a leading light in the foodservice industry. 

“It’s about driving and inspiring a NEW Foodservice Industry vision across North America which offers incredible values that causes change to happen. I'm beyond blessed to be able to share my passion for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship throughout our industry. I won't rest until my legacy is fulfilled!” 


Managing Price In High Demand

Finding the ‘Sweet Spot’! When is too high a problem? My tee sheet is full so how high do I set my prices? Is there such a thing as too many price levels? How do I manage all these different prices? Should I post a rack rate? Why should I insist on pre-payments? How do I structure my membership categories to maximize on golf’s popularity?

Are these questions you’ve been asking yourself? In this highly interactive session, savvy operators from across the country will share what they are doing to maximize revenues at their facilities.  

| Director of Golf, Morgan Creek Golf Course
ROB HOWELL | General Manager, Metcalfe Golf Club
FRASER STALKIE | Director of Operations, Innerkip Highlands Golf Club

November 30 | 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Craig JohnstonMurray BlairMartin Tzankov

Leveraging The Demand Boost To Maximize ROI And Increase Asset Value

Rounds of golf, interest in the game, and revenue levels are at an all-time high. How can golf courses retain the gain and grow the market value of their golf course post-pandemic? This high-powered GGA panel will help you leverage the gain we’ve experienced in the golf industry to maximize returns and increase asset value including: 

•    key factors that influence participation, loyalty, and profitability
•    key performance indicators all owners and managers should monitor
•    the capital investments that will deliver the greatest returns 
•    best practices, based on actual market strategies, which have proven to increase revenues, gain loyalty and increased asset value

MARTIN TZANKOV | Senior Manager, GGA

Jason Wilson

The Keys To A Successful Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer engagement is the ongoing cultivation of a relationship between the company and consumer that goes far beyond the transaction. In this session, we will discuss best practices, technology innovations, and practical solutions to help your golf club strengthen customer engagement in 2023 and beyond.


COO, Play Golf Calgary
JEFF CIECKO | Co-Owner, CK Golf Solutions
MEGAN MOLLOY | Golf Events & Marketing Manager, Morgan Creek Golf Course

Matt Rolfe

Short Supply - Proven Strategies To Solve The Hiring And Retention Crisis In Golf Course Operations 

The key to a successful operation is the ability to attract, retain and engage leaders, managers and staff. What worked in a pre-pandemic landscape is not guaranteed to still produce the same result or impact. In this workshop, and it is a true workshop; you will be taken through proven tools that you can immediately use in your operation. In order to change your results you need to change your actions and processes. This session will give you the steps needed to get the results you and your team want and deserve.

Founder, Results Hospitality and Westshore Hospitality Group

Matt Rolfe is a coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who mentors the top ten percent of the hospitality industry toward unlocking their true potential. 

As founder of Results Hospitality and Westshore Hospitality Group, he has worked with hundreds of leadership teams throughout North America. Beginning his career with companies like Bacardi and Labatt/Anheuser Busch, Matt has become an industry expert dedicated to helping leaders examine the human element of their businesses and execute effective team-building strategies unique to their needs. 

Over his 15+ years leading the Westshore Hospitality Group, Matt has studied hundreds of operations and identified what the top ten percent do that's fundamentally different from the rest of the industry. 

Asking the question, "What do they do that makes them stand out from the competition?" Matt has developed concepts that have been tested, challenged, proven, and continually improved. Everything he coaches and advocates for is based on experience, success, and failures.  

December 1 | 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM
Pam Paquet

Surviving Golfdemic: Staying Healthy & Well In spite of Pandemic Success

We’ve learned that a pandemic can serve up a whole lot of confusion – what is it, how to manage it and ways to survive it? Fortunately, the golf industry optimized in order to capitalize on the pandemic health and safety measures and the benefits have been a boom in the sport; bringing new golfers and revenues. Unfortunately, these benefits are not without a cost to golf course owner/operators, management and staff who have been overwhelmed and exhausted from workloads but also from customers who have been demanding and at times, abusive.  

It's no small feat for people to stay healthy and well throughout this pandemic madness.  In this session, participants will learn coping mechanisms and strategies to:
•    Stay healthy and well
•    Manage stress and exhaustion
•    Improve self-care

Founder, Pam Paquet & Associates Performance Management 

Pam has been a registered Certified Canadian Counsellor with the national counselling association for the past 14 years and is also a trained mediator through the Department of Justice (Saskatchewan). 

Pam has developed 3 divisions within her practice; the first is her clinical practice where the focus is therapy and counselling for individuals, couples and executives, the second division is performance management where the focus is training, consulting and coaching with companies and the third division is focused on exit strategy management where helping people and business owner’s transition from their existing careers. Divisions 2 and 3 are meant to be proactive and preventative programs to help people and workplaces create change before they hit overwhelm, immobilization or full blown crisis.

Quinn Magnuson

This Isn’t Your Grandparents Strategic Planning Session! 

Strategic Planning generally elicits 2 responses: 
1. An eye roll so fierce you can see the cerebellum inside your brain and 
2. Visions of boring meetings and wasted resources

In this breakout session, lead by Quinn Magnuson, Business coach and Senior Advisor for BDC Canada, you will learn how and why planning your company’s future is not only the single most important thing you can do but also how to make it productive and enjoyable for all involved.  
Senior Client Partner, BDC Advisory Services 

Being a former CFL player and business owner, Quinn understands the level of commitment and dedication it takes to be successful and he brings this to his clients as he advises them on the 5 critical functions of business. After owning the successful 1-800-GOT-JUNK? North Sask territory for 6 years, Quinn sold the company and made the career move over to BDC in 2010 to best utilize his business acumen and coaching experience to help and develop SMEs and Entrepreneurs. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, he is familiar with the day to day struggles that business owners face. His position at BDC, Trusted Client Partner for Advisory Services, speaks volumes to the work that he has done over the 13 years he has been at BDC.

Shawn Hunter

There’s Mom, Dad, Johnny, Mary….Where Does That Leave Me? An Open Forum For Next Generation Owners

So mom and dad have owned the course since before you could swing a club. You and your siblings have done every job there is to do at the golf course? Maybe you’re an only child trying to figure out the succession plan or maybe you have multiple siblings all working together, trying to figure out what’s next for each of you. Mom and dad are talking about retiring. Now What?  

If you’re a next gen owner, come and share what’s working within your family dynamics and what’s not! This Open Forum, developed for next gen owners only, will give you an opportunity to exchange best practices and learn from other next gen owners! You’ll quickly find out that you’re not alone – start building YOUR community during this session!

MODERATOR |  Shawn Hunter, Regional Director, NGCOA Canada – Southwestern ON Chapter and Managing Editor, Golf Business Canada magazine

Huw Williams

Public Relations 301 For Golf Operators: Professional Tactics for Creating and Executing More Effective Government Advocacy and Media Relations Strategies.

Your business and the entire golf industry aren't automatically treated fairly by legislators, the media, and certain special interest groups. You need to earn their support.

Join Huw Williams, Canada's leading public relations expert, for a deep dive into the proven strategies that will enable you to raise your game. Learn how to effectively craft your strategy, engage related stakeholders, manage your messaging, influence government officials, leverage the media, take advantage of new digital tools, create special events, and maximize the advantages that your profile as a golf course operator can generate.

President, Impact Public Affairs

Huw Williams is the President of Impact Public Affairs and specializes in government and media relations. With extensive experience in the print and broadcast media, he has appeared frequently as a corporate spokesperson on CBC and CTV national news. Mr. Williams’ government experience is diverse, having served as Acting Chief of Staff to the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada; as a Senior Special Assistant to the Minister of Constitutional Affairs; and as a Legislative Assistant to the Speaker of the Alberta Legislative Assembly. He also served as an intern to a United States Congressman from the Sixth District of Indiana. Mr. Williams authored “A Government Relations Guide For Directors of Non-Profit Organizations” published by the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE). He also served on the board of directors for the Government Relations Institute of Canada (GRIC). In 2010, Williams was named worldwide Public Affairs Professional of the Year finalist by PRNews Magazine. Williams’ other accolades include the CSAE Griner Award for outstanding “Business Excellence”, one of The Hill Times’ Top 100 lobbyists in Canada, and the Ottawa Business Journal’s “Top Forty under 40 Award” for professional success and community involvement. Mr. Williams holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) from the University of Calgary. He has also completed studies at the Université de Tours in France and is bilingual.

December 1 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Brandon Bell

BUILDING LINKS: How To Create An Inclusive Culture For Your Workforce

Why is Equity, Diversity & Inclusion important to the success of your operation? Never has it been more important to create an atmosphere where employees experience meaningful involvement in the workplace community, on their teams and in their roles. It is about fostering belonging, or the feeling of security and support where there is a sense of acceptance and respect regardless of identity or background. By creating a community of acceptance, everybody wins. Your staff are happy which is reflected in how your facility is viewed by customers.

In this session, you will:

  • Understand the meaning of ‘inclusive culture’ & the impediments to the creation of that culture
  • Understand how an inclusive culture can enhance hiring practices, and support labor shortages
  • Explore actionable steps leaders can take to advance their inclusive leadership style
  • Engage and learn practical tips to disrupt and address bias in your people management approach
  • Learn how a diverse and inclusive culture becomes infectious and will permeate throughout other areas of the golf course

M. Ed, SPHR, North America Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Lead - Crop Protection, Seeds, Veg/Flowers | Syngenta

Pam Paquet

Different Generations Demand Different Talk: 5 Tips For Improved Workplace Communication

It’s not unusual for golf courses to be filled with at least 5 different generations who attend the venue and work alongside each other.  Different generations are a reality, and this situation demands an understanding as well as a change in communication strategies. Whether communication is between coworkers or with customers, communicating in a generationally correct manner needs to happen well to improve discussions and reduce conflict. 
In this session, participants will learn insights into generations and better communication strategies to:  
•    Understand communication errors 
•    Learn 5 strategies for better communication 
•    Create impactful and clear messages 

Founder, Pam Paquet & Associates Performance Management 

Pam has been a registered Certified Canadian Counsellor with the national counselling association for the past 14 years and is also a trained mediator through the Department of Justice (Saskatchewan). 

Pam has developed 3 divisions within her practice; the first is her clinical practice where the focus is therapy and counselling for individuals, couples and executives, the second division is performance management where the focus is training, consulting and coaching with companies and the third division is focused on exit strategy management where helping people and business owner’s transition from their existing careers. Divisions 2 and 3 are meant to be proactive and preventative programs to help people and workplaces create change before they hit overwhelm, immobilization or full blown crisis.

Kevin Penner

Rising Food Costs vs. Food Cost Killers

While there’s no question the pandemic has created uncertain supply and prices, there is a way to still thrive through these challenges.  This session is packed full of solutions to refine food costs, improve inventory, lower waste, strengthen cash controls and improve labour management. This information packed session will arm you with the tools you need to tackle waste management, inventory, and some new and innovative ways to tackle labour distribution and recipe management.

Marketing Manager/BR Consultant, Sysco Canada - Prairies

Kevin is an energetic and engaging presenter, trainer & speaker.  His years of experience presenting to thousands of different customers throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario have given him a strong understanding of the foodservice industry.  He also has a background in direct response marketing and has spent years helping customers grow their sales in fun and cost-effective ways.  Kevin is a great motivator and specializes in getting staff excited and engaged.