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Opening Keynote

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 | 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

UnMarketing: Everything Has Changed and Nothing Is Different

For generations, marketing has been hypocritical. We've been taught to market to others in ways we hate being marketed to — so why do we keep trying the same stale marketing moves? Scott Stratten — named one of the "Top Five Social Media Influencers in the World" on — is an "unmarketer" and an expert in viral, social, and authentic marketing. Using real life, practical examples, along with a good dose of humour, he shows audiences how to "unlearn" the old ways and consistently attract, engage, and hold on to the right customers.

Formerly a music industry marketer, national sales training manager, and college professor, Stratten is currently the president of UnMarketing. Prior to this, he ran one of the most successful viral video agencies in the world for nearly a decade before solely focusing on speaking. He has worked with companies like Walmart, PepsiCo, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Cirque du Soleil, and Saks Fifth Avenue to help them navigate their way through the landscape of business disruption.

Stratten is the co-author of six bestselling business books. His most recent titles include The Jackass Whisper: How to Deal with the Worst People at Work, at Home, and Online — Even When the Jackass is You and UnBranding: 100 Branding Lessons for the Age of Disruption. His writing has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine,,, and Fast Company, among many other media outlets.

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